We have water systems for organizations large and small. Our one of a kind purifiers and custom high flow systems can service organizations that need ultra clean water without messy bottles. Now you can have a safer, more productive and enviromentally responsible solution.


We provide state-of-the-art system that deliver quality coffee. Our systems don’t use costly burners. You can have great coffee any-time, any-flavor, any-way you want it. No more trips to Starbucks!


Pure Water Technology has ice systems that we install and service at your location. No more deliveries or trips to the store. We have both bin and “hands-free” Systems for safe ice.

Second to None

With Pure Water always get what you’re paying for, pure, safe, cold water!

Quality Monitoring : Does the system monitor to ensure it's working right? If water quality drops or you need a filter change our system will alert you. Also, if any component fails you will know that right away. We have a "dashboard", that tracks gallons and all functions you always know the system is 100% safe.

Always Fresh and Clean : How does the system clean and healthy? Our system cleans the water tank daily with patented activated-oxygen technology. You will never have mold or germs growing in your system. You would never drink out of the same glass without ever cleaning it…no scum allowed with our system,

Engineered for Business : How is it built? Our system is not a built down to a price, it’s built up to a standard designed for your business that can produce 3+ gallons of pure water a hour and has a large 3 gallon chill tank for those hot days. Also, all our filters and components are certified and engineered to work together.

Outstanding Services : How fast is service? We provide a service program that tracks your usage and water quality by using the latest cloud based technologies. This data, along with real time, on-line service dispatching with iPads means we have the fastest response time in the industry. All service vehicles carry a complete inventory of parts and filters.

That’s what sets us apart from the other guys!

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How it works

The system purifies your water with multi-stage filtration better than bottled water. After the water is purified activated oxygen is used to ensure it stays clean. Your system will also monitor all functions so you know you're drinking pure water 100% of the time.

How is it installed

It simply plugs into your current office water similar to a coffee machine. With new technology borrowed from NASA we can place the systems almost anywhere you want it. Our factory trained technicians are fast, safe and clean.